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15 Mar 2020 » Visualising tax rates across income levels

While the marginal tax rate post serves as a quick reference on how much tax you’ll pay on additional income, it doesn’t show the overall tax burden. This chart has a number of views to see the amount or percentage of income paid to taxes with varying levels of income. As usual, this chart is for California. If you’d like other states to be added, let me know.

14 Mar 2020 » Marginal tax rates for 2020

As an update on the old marginal tax rates, this computes and displays both single and married marginal taxes on employee income in California. The idea is to give a quick reference on the effective tax rate on additional income. All tax data is for 2020, except for California which hasn’t yet published new data (they index their thresholds for inflation each year).

19 Oct 2014 » Marginal tax rate in California (2014)

A coworker asked me what changed from the 2013 tax rates, so it’s time to do an update.

25 Jun 2014 » Drag and drop VIM editing

I've been using the TextMate 2.0 alpha a lot recently. I realized today that I've been using it mostly because drag and drop is so convenient, not for specific editor features.

15 Mar 2014 » Marginal tax rate in California (2013)

It’s that time of year - you know, the time when you start thinking about beginning to consider doing taxes. I’m far ahead of the curve and actually looked at one of my tax documents already, and wondered about the various additional taxes (Medicare, Social Security) and how big of a role they play in your tax rate.