About this blog

I'm sure you're here to read about the history of this blog. Well, you're in luck!

Long ago when animated gif text was cool, I had a web site that was never updated or touched. About a hundred years later, I realized it hadn't been cool for the last 99+ years. I then switched to Wordpress, forgot it about for another hundred years, then realized that it needed replacing too.

Now, I'm experimenting with Jekyll. So far, so good. I'm sure that by the time your grandchildren are entering school I'll be considering a switch to the next platform, or at least a new blog post.

About me

At the time of writing (eons ago?) I was in my 20s. I'm passionate about computer security, and I channel that passion into my work. I even have a website with an about page, that you're lucky enough to be reading!

I also like motorcycles, so I'm attaching a picture for you.

Motorcycle picture