Marginal tax rates for 2023

14 Nov 2023

As an update on the 2020 marginal tax rates, this grabs the latest 2023 tax information for California and the federal government. Again, you can get a quick reference for the effective tax rate on additional income. All tax data is for 2023. If you want to visualize tax rates across income levels, there’s a post for that as well.

I’m happy to add other states if you ask me.

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial professional, and this chart probably contains errors; it ignores the standard deduction at a minimum. This does not constitute tax advice. Consult your accountant or tax lawyer.

My sources were Caltax’s rate summary, the California Franchise Tax Board’s Form 5805 instructions, the Tax Foundation’s summary of 2023 tax brackets, the Social Security Administration publication 05-10003, and Healthline’s additional medicare tax page.