Marginal tax rates for 2020

14 Mar 2020

As an update on the old marginal tax rates, this computes and displays both single and married marginal taxes on employee income in California. The idea is to give a quick reference on the effective tax rate on additional income. All tax data is for 2020, except for California which hasn’t yet published new data (they index their thresholds for inflation each year).

The live computation wasn’t necessary for the chart, but it’ll allow for interactive projects later. If you’d like other states to be added or have feedback, let me know.

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial professional, and this chart may contain errors. This does not constitute tax advice. Consult your accountant or tax lawyer.

My sources were the FTB’s Tax Rate Schedules, the IRS Rev. Proc 2013-35 Section 1(c) and the Social Security Administration publication 05-10003.