Marginal tax rate in California (2014)

19 Oct 2014

A coworker asked me what changed from the 2013 tax rates, so it’s time to do an update.

The charts below are the 2014 marginal tax rates for a single tax filer - one for employees and one for self employed. If you’re earning over $7,749 per year (but less than $9,075), you can see how much tax you’d pay on each additional dollar you make by looking at the $7,749 row. For those of you who want to see the exact percentages, the images link to a (less pretty) version of the charts that shows percentages.

2014 California Marginal Tax Graph

2014 California Marginal Tax Graph

My sources were the California Franchise Tax Board, the IRS Rev. Proc 2013-35 Section 1(c) and the Social Security Administration publication 05-10003.